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Welcome to your [virtual] binder. Click each tab to find the relevant materials. 

Section 0 - Pre-Training Videos

Foundational knowledge is the first part of any training. It is also the most boring to sit through. As a novel solution, I have converted the foundational knowledge for Static-99R into a series of 5-10 minute videos that you can watch at your leisure prior to training. You are expected to finish viewing these videos, as we will only spend about 30 minutes reviewing these concepts and allowing for questions. Some videos are explicitly labelled private, meaning they are only for paid participants. Click HERE

Section 1 - Training Workshop Overview

Click here to download a one-page summary of the training binder contents and schedule for training day.

Section 2 - Training Slides (Posted After Training)

Section 3 - Training Cases & Scoring Forms

Here are the five training cases in both WORD and PDF. Please print them off.
NEW: Cluster Activity Handout

Section 4 - Training Cases Answers

Posted After Training

Section 5 - Static-99R Coding Manual (2016)

This is the single most important document provided to you in training. I recommend printing it off prior to training, and taking it to an office supply or printing store to get it bound. The document is rarely updated and used each time you score Static-99R.

Section 6 - Static-99R Evaluator Workbook (2021)

The evaluator workbook is used to guide your interpretation of Static-99R scores and communicating your findings with a wider audience.

Section 7 - Certification Options

(1) A certificate of attendance is available to all audience members who attend the full day’s training. Click here to request attendance certificate.

(2) A certificate of completion is available to those who successfully pass a ten-question exam. The exam should be completed within seven days. Passing (7/10 on multiple choice and within two points on a practice case) is not a given. If you do not pass, I will provide detailed feedback, and the option of a second exam. Click Here to take the exam.

Section 8 - Training Evaluation

Click Here

Section 9. Discount on Future Trainings

Please use the following coupon code to get 30% your next training with me — “???”

Additional Resources

Coding Form

Static-99R Coding Form

In some situations an item score may be tentative due to uncertainty about a decision (e.g., anticipated age at release) or insufficient or conflicting information (e.g., victim information) and it may make sense to complete separate coding sheets for both alternatives and clearly discuss the reason for the different scores and the associated impact on Static-99R results in all reports.

During audits of Static-99R scoring sheets the most commonly identified error is mechanical (e.g., incorrect summing of item scores). Consequently it is strongly recommended that evaluators sum the item scores and check the total at least twice. A mechanized process, such as specialized scoring software or an excel spreadsheet into which item scores may be entered and then summed electronically can be helpful to minimize mathematical errors.

Interestingly, Hanson, Helmus, and Harris (2015) found a meaningful difference between those community supervision officers who completed all the assessments requested of them and those officers who sent incomplete information (e.g., a STABLE-2007 score without a Static score). Among officers who completed all assessments, the predictive accuracy of Static-99R was very high (AUC = .80) and significantly higher than the Static-99R assessment of officers with incomplete assessment packages (AUC = .68). The lesson here is clear – commitment to the assessment can greatly improve your ability to predict sexual recidivism. Consequently, we recommend requiring evaluators to attest to the completeness of their scoring by signing their coding form. Organizations may want to consider including a standard statement such as the one at the bottom of the coding form linked above.

Cheat Sheets

Charges, Convictions, & Sentencing Dates (PDF)

Standards of Proof (PDF)

Static-99R Only Case Formulation (PDF)


Practice Cases

Practice Cases

Practice Cases Answers



Crossword Answers

Suggested Reading

Brankley, A. E. (2017, June 18). Do you speak the common (risk) language? A guide to risk for sexual offending [Weblog post]. Retrieved from

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Hanson, R. K., Babchishin, K. M., Helmus, L. M., Thornton, D., & Phenix, A. (2017). Communicating the results of criterion referenced prediction measures: Risk categories for the Static-99R and Static-2002R sexual offender risk assessment tools. Psychological Assessment, 29, 582–597. doi:10.1037/pas0000371

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Hanson, R.K., & Thornton, D. (2000).  Improving Risk Assessments for Sex Offenders: A Comparison of Three Actuarial Measures. Law and Human Behavior, 24, 119-136.

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that is integrated directly into the training. 

Use your phone to answer questions throughout the training!

Collect points across activities. A CAD$25 Starbucks gift card will go to the highest scorer.

There are multiple ways to play…

Download The App

QR codes given in training

Zoom has a Kahoot! app

Advice For Training Day

Don’t worry about slides!

The slides are largely an aid to my presentation of the content. My style is not lecture based (i.e., me talking, you listening) and more about using visual and activities to engage you in learning. Also, I prefer to take notes in my coding manual as it is the natural place to look for guidance as I use Static-99R in practice, instead of remembering to check the training slides/notes I have filed away after the training.

What should I bring?

Pencil/Pen and notepad is always helpful. Feel free to bring water or snacks to make yourself more comfortable. 

Socialize & Enjoy!

The training is set up as a conversation. It will be most successful if people are willing to share their thoughts and questions about content I present. I am also no stranger to social media, so feel free to live tweet: #Static99R #STABLE2007 #ACUTE2007 @AEBrankley

Risk assessment is a fascinating and active process, and I am confident that we will have a stimulating day.

Dr. Brankley’s Super Awesome Static-99R Resource Page

A one-stop-resource for all your Static-99R needs. Includes, but not limited to, latest training videos, new Static-99R practice cases. You will get the password at the end of training.

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