Dr. Andrew Brankley is approved by the
Canadian Psychological Association
to offer continuing education for psychologists.
Dr. Brankley maintains responsibility for the program.

My Teaching Philosphy


Adapting to Individual Differences

People learn in different ways and have wonderfully diverse perspectives that reflect individual, social, and cultural differences. I strive to ensure that these learning styles and differences are acknowledged and respected in the delivering of my trainings.


Experiential Learning

Learning can flourish when you are invited to engage with the material, motivated to ask questions, and to create solution to real-life problems. I strive to reduce the total time spent in traditional lecture-based learning, by providing opportunities for learners to share (e.g., group work), reflect upon the material and apply what they have learned.



In 1954, Walt Disney used the phrase educational entertainment (also known as, “edutainment’) to describe the process of educating through entertainment. Although I am no Bill Nye the Science Guy or John Oliver, I do strive to infuse your training with humour and fun to reduce fatigue and improve engagement.

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