Brief Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Students are not flowers passively waiting for droplets of knowledge. They do not all have the same educational goals or learn in the same manner. Students are individuals. Effective teaching requires an instructor who respects these differences and who is educated on the students’ needs. To meet my students’ needs, I utilize a style of instruction that is collaborative – creating a learning relationship that is bi-directional. In order to achieve this awareness of my students, I infuse my lectures with frequent activities that engage students in higher-level learning. This not only increases students’ understanding and retention of course materials (Svinicki & McKeachie, 2011), but also provides all parties with frequent and immediate feedback on how we are progressing through the material.


Course Instructor

2015, Winter PSY602 Developmental Psychopathology (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

Guest Lecturer

2021, March. Sexual offending: A few simple answers, PSY622 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour. (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2016. Antisocial behaviour & risk assessment, PSY2550 Personality Theory (Undergraduate, University of Western Ontario)

2015, May  Adolescent Offenders/ Economic Crime, PSY622 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2015, March MANOVA, PS8102 Statistics and Research Design (Graduate, Ryerson University)

2015, February Adolescent Offenders/ Economic Crime, PSY622 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2014, November Eating Disorders, PSY325 Psychological Disorders
(Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2014, February Adolescent Offenders, PSY622 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2013, April Personality Disorders, PSY505 Personality Theory (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2011, May Careers in Psychology, GLC20 Careers (Grade 10, Town Centre Private High School)

2010, November Thinking and Reasoning, HSP3M1 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology (Grade 11/12, Alternative Scarborough Education 1)

Peer Mentor

2016-2017 Doctoral Student

2013-2014 Master’s Student


2015-2016 Undergraduate Thesis (Under Supervision)

2013-2014 Undergraduate Thesis (Under Supervision)

Teaching Assistant

2014 (Fall) PSY202 Intro to Psychology II (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2014 (Winter) PSY622 Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)

2013 (Winter)  PSY731 History of Psychology (Undergraduate, Ryerson University)


2014 (Winter)  PS8102 Statistics and Research Design II (Graduate, Ryerson University)
Course topics: ANOVA, PCA, ANOVA, PCA/Factor Analysis, Chi-square, Linear and Logistic Regression, and Power analyses

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