Andrew E. Brankley

Scientist. Psychologist. Purple People Eater.

Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

4. Brankley, A. E., Babchishin, K. M., & Hanson, R. K. (2019). STABLE-2007 demonstrates predictive and incremental validity in assessing risk-relevant propensities for sexual offending: A meta-analysis. Sexual Abuse. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1177/1079063219871572 PDF

3. Wanklyn, S. G., Brankley, A. E., Laurence, G., Monson, C. M., & Schumm, J. A. (2016). Relationship-Based Recovery case study: An interpersonally-empowering approach to recovery from substance use disorder and PTSD. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1007/s10879-016-9340-9 PDF

2. Brankley, A. E., & Rule, N. O. (2014). Threat perception: How machiavellianism and psychopathy relate to social perceptions during competition. Personality & Individual Differences, 71, 103-107. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2014.07.015 PDF

1. Brankley, A. E., Goodwill, A. M., & Reale, K. S. (2014). Escalation from fetish burglaries to sexual violence: A retrospective case study of former col., d. russell williams. Journal of Instigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 11, 115-135. doi:10.1002/jip.140 PDF

Invited Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

1. Brankley, A. E., Seto, M. C., & Monson, C. M. (2017). Involving concerned others in the treatment of individuals convicted of sexual offences—Part I: Rationale and critical review of current strategies. Sexual Offender Treatment, 12(1). PDF

Book Chapters, Magazine Articles, and Blog Posts

9. Brankley, A. E., Loney, D. M., Sutherland, J. E., Klymkiw, D., Azubuike, A. A., & McCusker, R. (2019, Fall). Developing a student-run psychology service for at-risk youth: Framework and application. Psynopsis, 8(1), 3-7. PDF

8. Brankley, A. E., & Huggon, W. (2017, Fall). Forensic Research eXchange. Crime Scene, 23(2), 12-14.

7. Brankley, A. E. (2017). A student’s guide to the ATSA 2017 conference. The ATSA Forum Newsletter, 29(4).

6. Brankley, A. E. (2017, June 18). Do you speak the common (risk) language? A guide to risk for sexual offending [Weblog post].

5. Brankley, A. E., Goodwill, A. M., & Abracen, J. (2016). A Cognitive Behavioural Approach for the Treatment of Necrophilia. In L. Mellor, A. Aggrawal, & E. Hickey (Eds.), Necrophilia: A global anthology. PDF

4. Brankley, A. E., & Goodwill, A. M. (2014, Winter). Optimizing case conceptualization of sex offender needs: The utility of behavioural crime scene analysis. Psynopsis, 36(1), 16-17. PDF

3. Brankley, A. E., Lane, J., Metcalfe, R., Allen, J. C., Feeney, J., & Walker, J. (2013, Fall). Educating the public: The role of graduate students. Psynopsis, 35(4), 25-26. PDF

2. Brankley, A. E. (2012). Black & White. In A. Douglas (Eds.), It’s not all black and white: multiracial youth speak out (pp. 28-30). Toronto, ON: Annick Press Ltd.

1. Brankley, A. E. (2012). Token people, token friends. In A. Douglas (Eds.), It’s not all black and white: multiracial youth speak out (pp. 57-58). Toronto, ON: Annick Press Ltd.

Technical Manuals

2. Brankley, A. E., Babchishin, K. M., Chankin, L., Barsetti, I., & Hanson, R. K. (2019). ACUTE-2007 Evaluator Workbook. Unpublished report (n.p.). PREVIEW

1. Brankley, A. E., Helmus, L.-M., & Hanson, R. K. (2017). STABLE-2007 evaluator workbook: Updated recidivism rates (includes combinations with Static-99R, Static-2002R, and Risk Matrix 2000). Unpublished report. Ottawa, ON: Public Safety Canada. (Email me for a copy)


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