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Static-99R is an empirically derived actuarial risk assessment tool designed to predict sexual recidivism in adult males charged or convicted of sexual offenses (Hanson & Thornton, 1999, 2000; Helmus, Thornton, Hanson, & Babchishin, 2011, 2012). The tool’s 10 items utilize criminal history, victim characteristics, and relationship history. It is extensively used in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many European nations.

What does training involve?

Experiential Learning

Instead of sitting back and listening to Dr. Brankley talk, not unlike an audiobook, your experience will be like a boot camp. Training is filled with activities to engage you in learning.


Case Studies

Learning will occur primarily through the completion of case studies. Five are used through the training day and 15 more are given for on-your-own practice. Struggling with these cases and subsequent discussion better mirror real life.

On-Demand Videos

Background content has now been segmented and transformed into brief on-demand training video. Many of which are exclusive to this training. 

Upcoming Trainings

Static-99R Certified Training - April 21, 2023

On Friday April 21, 2023, Dr. Brankley will be hosting a virtual Static-99R training.

Past Trainings

“Training Binder”

Welcome to your [virtual] binder–a vestige of a bygone era where interactions were face-to-face and you could ride the trolley for a nickel. Being something of a traditionalist, I still use the “binder” structure to organize your training materials. Click each tab to get a preview of what you will get after registering.

Section 0 - Pre-Training Videos

Foundational knowledge is the first part of any training. It is also the most boring to sit through. As a novel solution, I have converted the foundational knowledge for Static-99R into a series of 5-10 minute videos that you can watch at your leisure prior to training. You are expected to finish viewing these videos, as we will only spend about 30 minutes reviewing these concepts and allowing for questions. Some videos are explicitly labelled private, meaning they are only for paid participants.

Section 1 - Training Workshop Overview

Click here to download!

Section 2 - Training Slides (Posted after training)

The training slides exist to support the training experience, not the reverse---with the training experience occurring so you can take notes on the slides. I recognize this is the preferred learning method for some, but I invite you to try another approach. It has been the opinion of the majority of my trainees that they are not needed in advance to have a successful training.

Section 3 - Training Cases & Scoring Forms

The five training cases used throughout the day are found here. Print them off prior to training as it will be easier to score them by hand, while interacting with the group through your computer.

Section 4 - Training Cases Answers

Posted after training, you will find detailed explanations for all training cases used throughout the day.

Section 5 - Static-99R Coding Manual (2017)

This is the single most important document provided to you in training. I recommend printing it off prior to training, and taking it to an office supply or printing store to get it bound. The document is rarely updated and used each time you score Static-99R.

Section 6 - Coding Materials

Here you will find a link to a page filled with blank copies of materials routinely used to score Static-99R.

Section 7 - Static-99R Evaluator Workbook (2021)

The evaluator workbook is used to guide your interpretation of Static-99R scores and communicating your findings with a wider audience.

Section 8 - Practice Cases & Additional Resources

Clicking this section of the binder will take you to a whole new page filled with further practice cases, research articles mentioned during training, and even a crossword!

Section 9 - Training Evaluation

At the end of the day you will be given a link to complete a three minute survey on the training. These are invaluable as a source of guidance for improving the training.

Dr. Brankley’s Super Awesome
Static-99R Resource Page

A one-stop-resource for all your Static-99R needs. Includes, but not limited to, latest training videos, new Static-99R practice cases.

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