Static-99R Training – June 26, 2020, Tab 8. Additional Resources

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5. Suggested Readings

Brankley, A. E. (2017, June 18). Do you speak the common (risk) language? A guide to risk for sexual offending [Weblog post]. Retrieved from

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6. Suggested Videos

Brankley, A. E. (2017, August 26). Common Risk Language, part I: Why do we need to Standardized Risk Communication? [Video file].

Brankley, A. E. (2017, September 1). Common risk language, part II: What is the standardized risk language? [Video file].

Brankley, A. E. (2017, September 17). Common risk language, part III: How do you fit a tool to the standardized risk levels? [Video file].

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