Andrew Brankley

Doctoral Student of Clinical Psychology


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

3. Wanklyn, S. G., Brankley, A. E., Laurence, G., Monson, C. M., & Schumm, J. A. (2016). Relationship-Based Recovery case study: An interpersonally-empowering approach to recovery from substance use disorder and PTSD. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1007/s10879-016-9340-9 PDF

2. Brankley, A. E., & Rule, N. O. (2014). Threat perception: How machiavellianism and psychopathy relate to social perceptions during competition. Personality & Individual Differences, 71, 103-107. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2014.07.015 PDF

1. Brankley, A. E., Goodwill, A. M., & Reale, K. S. (2014). Escalation from fetish burglaries to sexual violence: A retrospective case study of former col., d. russell williams. Journal of Instigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 11, 115-135. doi:10.1002/jip.140 PDF

Book Chapters and Magazine Articles

  1. Brankley, A. E., Goodwill, A. M., & Abracen, J. (In Press). A Cognitive Behavioural Approach for the Treatment of Necrophilia. In L. Mellor, A. Aggrawal, & E. Hickey (Eds.), Necrophilia: A global anthology. PDF
  1. Brankley, A. E., & Goodwill, A. M. (2014, Winter). Optimizing case conceptualization of sex offender needs: The utility of behavioural crime scene analysis. Psynopsis, 36(1), 16-17. PDF
  1. Brankley, A. E., Lane, J., Metcalfe, R., Allen, J. C., Feeney, J., & Walker, J. (2013, Fall). Educating the public: The role of graduate students. Psynopsis, 35(4), 25-26. PDF
  1. Brankley, A. E. (2012). Black & White. In A. Douglas (Eds.), It’s not all black and white: multiracial youth speak out (pp. 28-30). Toronto, ON: Annick Press Ltd.
  1. Brankley, A. E. (2012). Token people, token friends. In A. Douglas (Eds.), It’s not all black and white: multiracial youth speak out (pp. 57-58). Toronto, ON: Annick Press Ltd.

Technical Manuals

  1. Brankley, A. E., Helmus, L.-M., & Hanson, R. K. (2017). STABLE-2007 evaluator workbook: Updated recidivism rates (includes combinations with Static-99R, Static-2002R, and Risk Matrix 2000). Unpublished report. Ottawa, ON: Public Safety Canada. (Email me for a copy)