Static-99R Certified Training

08:00 (GMT+13) Jan 21, 2022

What people have to say…s

“I would 100% attend another training hosted by Andrew. The content was interesting and the presentation style was stellar.”
Static-99R Trainee

“Probably the best risk assessment training I’ve attended”
Static-99R Trainee

“It kept my attention. With it being a virtual training, I was concerned about how much my attention might wander throughout the day, as this can be a challenge when learning in virtual environments. Andrew made the material interesting and kept participants engaged throughout the whole training session. I particularly enjoyed how many opportunities there were to actively participate with the material.”
Static-99R Trainee

Thank you so much for the personableness of the training. I often have problems with maintaining attention but it was very engaging and my internal distractions were minimal. I would really love to be informed of future trainings
Static-99R Trainee

I really enjoyed the cases and collectively working on them and dissecting them. It really helped apply the manual’s information and prepare us for the complications that we will face in our future work.”
Static-99R Trainee

“I thought his beard was majestic!”
[Probably Dr. Brankley]

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