Forensic Research eXchange


The first annual Toronto Forensic Research Exchange (FRX) was held on June 8, 2016 at Ryerson University. A total of 60 students, researchers, and community partners came from across southern Ontario to exchange ideas and build partnerships to keep our community safe. FRX was created to provide a forum for individuals from different fields, institutions, and professions to share information and concerns in order to forge a strategic approach to criminal justice issues. It allowed attendees to foster interdisciplinary relationships to improve information dissemination, and innovative research and practice. As opposed to the content focus held by traditional research conferences, FRX focused on improving the process of communication within the forensic community. Over the course of three plenary speakers, field-relevant focus groups, facilitated networking, and a student-data blitz, FRX attendees successfully built interdisciplinary relationships to improve their clinical practice, professional practice, and research in years to come. See Photos!

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